Wednesday, 21 December 2016

The Truth About Acne

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Acne is a disorder that affects almost everyone at some point in his or her life. The conversion primarily affects the oil glands in the skin, which are present in the pores. These pores secrete an oil called sebum, the overproduction of which can cause the pores to become clogged. When this happens, a pimple may form on the skin.

Acne can actually take on many forms, and pimples may differ in appearance from person to person. Some people may experience just a single pimple, where others experience outbreaks that come in patches. Pimples may also take on the form of white heads and black heads.

In some cases, acne can actually be quite painful. This is particularly true when they develop into papules or small tender bumps on the skin, which may sometimes be accompanied with pus on the top. Pimples that develop into nodules are even more painful. These tend to be bigger and harder and can go deep into the skin. As painful as nodules are however, cysts are even worse. They go deeper into the skin, are even more painful, and they may contain a lot of pus. In addition, they can also cause some pretty severe scarring.

Pimples can actually grow all over the body, also the most common areas to be affected are the face, back, neck and shoulders. The condition is also more likely to affect men than women. The reason for this is that men typically produce more sebum than women, in addition to having more pores in the skin. That being said, it is common for women to develop acne when they are menstruating.

Teenagers are also often plagued with various acne problems. The constantly changing hormone levels in their body causes an increase in sebum production, which makes them more likely to develop pimples.

As you can imagine, acne can be quite embarrassing and annoying. The good news is that most cases of acne can be treated either with medication or via natural means. In addition, you will probably have to make certain adjustments to your diet and/or lifestyle. Your best course of action is to visit a dermatologist who will be able to diagnose the cause and extent of your condition, and recommend the best treatment method. With any luck at all, you can be totally free of acne and as little as a few weeks.

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